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Solar lighting

Photovoltaic lighting is the combination of photovoltaic power generation technologies, energy storage, and LED lighting all in one. If LED lighting has been a paradigm shift in public lighting, photovoltaic lighting is laying the foundations for the next revolution.


Energy storage

Energy storage has become one of the greatest challenges of our era. In a world where energy consumption is increasing and we are facing a paradigm shift from fossil to renewable energy models, energy storage is the pivot on which all this change revolves.

Photovoltaic energy

Solar photovoltaic energy is one of the fastest growing renewable energy sectors due to its versatility, its decreasing costs, its easy accessibility, and its regard for the environment. In addition to being renewable, it is unlimited and does not pollute.

Vehicle charge stations

El cambio de un modelo tradicional a un modelo sostenible tiene como uno de los pilares imprescindibles la movilidad. La nueva movilidad prescinde de los combustibles fósiles para sustituirla por baterías de última generación. Estas baterías necesitan ser cargadas en estaciones especializadas donde la carga sea eficiente, rápida y segura.

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Smart Cities / IOT

Smart cities are those urban environments where new technologies are used as a tool to optimize the use of resources, make processes more efficient, create greater sustainability, with the goal of improving people's lives.