Our ultimate goal is to make this world a more sustainable place and to improve people's quality of life.

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NextCity Labs

Passion for technology

We are a Spanish international technology company, with presence in Mexico, Chile, and Hong Kong, and in many countries through authorized distributors. We develop and manufacture equipment/solutions in renewable energy and smart cities. Our products are found in the most demanding markets in the world, being the European and American continents our main markets.

NextCity Labs as a company

NextCity Labs® was formed within the framework of "Smart Cities": A movement aimed at using the potential of technology and innovation, along with other resources, to make more efficient use of them, promote sustainable development and improve people' quality of life. In this sense, we put all these technologies at the service of society to turn traditional cities into smart cities.

Within the "Smart Cities" paradigm, we are specialized in energy, a strategic area in every sense, mainly focused on: photovoltaics, energy storage, sensing and IOT (Internet of things).

We are leaders in innovation that combine the most advanced technologies, synthesizing them into unique products for the needs of our companies, always with the confidence of using components of the highest quality and stability, and all under an elegant design in every product.

Company Values

The environment

The environment is the spiritual basis of the company; we provide solutions to today's problems so that future generations will have a better world.


People are a city's soul. The purpose of any technological advance must be to improve people' s quality of life.

Quality Products

Quality products under the highest technical standards. Our certifications are from the most reputable international organizations.

Trust and reliability

Quality products are translated into customer trust. We also have a complete after-sales service to maintain that trust.


Always moving towards the improvement of our company, products, and processes. We serve markets around the world, and we have commercial staff to serve our customers and partners in their language.


We are a company specialized in our area and we have multidisciplinary teams from different fields of knowledge, providing skills, experience and above all enthusiasm and talent.

"The cities of the future must be built with people and the environment in mind, using the latest technologies to serve them."