and our commitment to quality

QUALITY is non-negotiable for NextCity Labs®.®.

We invest a lot of resources and effort in R&D&I. Our development laboratory has professionals equipped with great technology aimed at achieving excellence in our products. In addition, we collaborate with the most recognized companies at the component level, such as Philips®, Osram®, Texas Instruments®, Mean Well®, etc...

Our products have undergone numerous rigorous tests, both by our development team and by independent laboratories, to ensure that they meet the most demanding international requirements. The tests vary depending on the product line, emphasizing the following: Mechanical resistance, electrical safety, electromagnetic safety, insulation, and efficiency.


The quality control process begins with the receipt of materials, where they are tested to ensure that there are no defective elements. Several quality tests are performed during the manufacturing process to detect any defects as early as possible. Once the process is completed, 100% of the finished products are tested to ensure that each and every product is in perfect condition before being delivered to the end customer.

NextCity Labs® products are certified by prestigious international certifiers such as TÜV and Intertek, proving our full commitment to quality.

Experience is undoubtedly a high added value, as demonstrated by the broad worldwide network of distributors and the large number of projects in which our products have been installed throughout the five continents.