Remote areas

In many countries there are still certain areas that, due to their geographical location, have an added difficulty for the subsistence of the people who live there. Mountainous, jungle, desert areas, or simply a great distance from towns, often find it difficult to access energy to cover their most basic and not so basic needs. In other cases, energy distribution is deficient and limited, with constant and random outages, in addition to a very high cost per kW.

Luckily, a very important spectrum has opened up since the irruption of renewable energies. Solar energy is available in most places in the world, and in others where it is scarce, it is compensated by the abundance of other types of energy such as wind or geothermal.

The generation of energy from renewables is possible and very profitable, it also opens the door to be self-sufficient and contributes our small grain of sand in sustainability.

Another important aspect is energy storage, which is as important as generation since it will allow us to have security and autonomy allowing us to always have energy available.