LuxControl™ for Smart Cities

The ultimate solution for public lighting:
Total control of the luminaire and maximum energy savings.

Brief introduction to the system

European Technology

Smart control software has become in an indispensable tool for municipalities. In one hand is possible to have a total control of the luminaire, in the other hand, savings can be increased up to an extra 70%.

LuxControl™ system is designed by NextCity Labs® software design department which is located in Spain. The final products are fully manufactured in Europe and use the best components in the market. Some of the advantages of the system are:

  • Uses Lora communication technology which mainly characteristics are wide scope and very low consumption.
  • Significant savings increases versus other systems.
  • Total control in the lighting parameters.
  • Higher security in the system.
  • Without external antennas or boreholes in the shell, allowing the luminaire maintain a Class II isolation level.

What is the communication technology LORA?

After the momentum is having the IOT paradigm (Internet of Things) where all kind of objects can be connected and controlled through the “Cloud”, it was necessary to create a new communication technology that could achieve some key points, i.e.:

  • Fast and efficient data transmission, in accordance with the needs of communications Era.
  • Long scope transmission, allowing all the points connected to the network be more independent from the others.
  • As all the objects must have a control device, it is crucial that these devices have a very low consumption, much lower than other technology that is operating.

This was the beginning of Lora communication, a technology that have been created for and by IOT, a technology which “big players”as French multinational communication company “Orange”have started to use.

Communication Devices

LuxControl™ has two different devices: Orbe and Stella..

Orbe device channels the information between the luminaires and the Cloud Platform. It is equipped with 3G and Lora, both communication technology. Orbe controls a certain number of Stella devices (from 50 to 100 units each one, depending different factors), which send all the data one by one to Master device Orbe, and send it in big amounts to the Cloud platform. Data transmission Orbe-Stella is through Lora, Orbe-Cloud is using 3G.

Stella device is controlled by Orbe. It stands out because of its low consumption, as is only using Lora to transmit information.

Both devices have very small dimensions and are easily installed inside any luminaire. Both devices are inside an IP65 box with UL94-V0 flammability Class.

How does LuxControl™ work?

It can be used from any device that is connected to the Internet such as computer, tablet, or smartphone. Only is necessary to use Google Chrome or Modzilla Firefox or installing the application compatible with Android/IOS designed by our team.

Is very easy to use. It is designed to be very intuitive, only few minutes are enough to learn to control it. The lights can be managed one by one, by groups or all as a one. Furthermore the system has a dynamic map that allow the user to see the whole project in a glance, making easier to make decisions and execute them.

The interface is available in two languages, english and spanish. In case the final client needs another language, it can be adapt to new languages. In the same way, the interface can be tailored to client´s requirements, such as corporative colors, logos, company names, and so on.

What functions does it have?

  • Switch on/off and dimming.
  • Full time programming.
  • Location programming: Light intensity can be higher in an area with security problems or lower in a highway when the traffic is in lowest peak.
  • Thanks to the wide range scope of Lora, more elements are connected between, helping to make technical repairs online from Cloud Platform.
  • Analysis and statistics (electrical, consumption and savings parameters).
  • Fails/thefts detection alarm.
  • Tilt detection (after earthquakes, strong wind or car accidents).
  • Temperature/humidity levels (optional).
  • Assets/people Geolocation (optional).
  • Wifi (optional).


In these days, security is one of the most important areas when developing a software system. NextCity Labs® have put prior attention in this point, becoming one of the main advantages of the system. The system is provided with the highest-end technology in the field:

  • Lora data is asymmetrically encrypted in ECC+AES, giving extra high protection to the data.
  • 3G data have a security layer with safe IP protocols. Is woring with SIM´s and VPN for a complete privacity in the communications.
  • Dynamic AES passwords with Diffie Hellman (ECIES suite) interchange, changing periodically for a higher protection.
  • 256 bits eliptic curve, equivalent to 2048bits RSA passwords.

For further information about LuxControl™, please contact us and we will make the best to assist you.