About us

NextCity Labs® is a technological company devoted to Smart Cities, especially in two fields: Energy and Lighting. We would like to contribute to the optimization of the resources in the World, both energetic and environmental, and at the same time focus our efforts improving the quality of life of the people.


NextCity Labs is built over six foundations:


The Mother Earth belongs to everybody, and to care and protect should be a must for everybody. We want to do our bit to help the World to be more sustainable, cleaner and better for everybody.

Cities and their inhabitants

The concept of city has changed during the history. Now we are entering in a new paradigm where cities must be more efficient and mainly, focused on the people, as the people is indeed the soul of the cities.


A good product may comply three requirements: Utility, quality and aesthetic. We make every effort to offer the best product today and continue improving it to make this possible tomorrow.

Trust and warranty

One of our most valuable asset is the confidence from our partners. The quality of our products and the warranty build the trust necessary to develop long-term projects.

Flexibility and dynamism

We are in continuous learning about the world and it needs, moreover we are close to our partners and open to suggestions and opinions in order to improve our products and services.


We are specialized in three fields: Energy, lighting and software, all in accordance with Smart cities. Researching new technologies is an important part of our work.

Market Share

We are an international company, our products can be found throughout the World. The main destinations are the european and latinoamerican markets.


Latin America


North America


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